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Monday, April 25, 2011
No idea why I'm blogging when there's an exam to be had in less than 4 hours, but here I am. LOL

I was taking a break from revision and was chatting with two friends on Skype. One of them was on a forum, and gotten pissed at what those people were writing, i.e. making fun of people with special needs. Then I remembered a phone call that happened over at PKIK when I was there helping set up an account for newsletters and such.

As all three of us are staunch believers that everyone is equal, we're pissed. And angry.

One of the girls has a sister who's autistic - at its worse. The sister can't communicate at all, reduced to crying and screaming and inflicting bodily harm on herself. The friend brought the sister for a haircut, but the workers were too damn busy making fun of her to cut her hair. The other has a friend who's homosexual and everywhere he went, someone called him a "faggot".

I'm lucky that no one picked on my own sister, but I know of a sweet girl from PKIK whose parents sent her to a home and refused to bring her for a simple matter of renewing her passport for the upcoming World Special Olympics in Greece.

Yes, I'm pissed enough that this deserves a blog post.

To all you people out there who live happy, normal lives, possibly as an only child or with normal siblings, let me ask you this.

Did you ever try to comprehend that they did not ask to be born the way they are? Did you ever try to understand how difficult it is for them to be as they are, much less their family members? Do you even know how much we worry for them?

Sure, we might be happier if they were born normal, but they're still family. To you people who enjoy poking fun at them, what if it was your sibling people were poking fun at? You wouldn't like that, would you?

In the case of homosexuality, it's not a goddamned disease. They're human too, just like me and you. Did you even try to get to know them? I bet not. Their sexual preferences should not matter. Their sexual orientation should not matter. If it was you who was homosexual, and people were calling you a "faggot" or whatever other degrading names, would you like it?

I bet not.

I get that the world's a free place. I get that you have your own opinions. I get that there's freedom of speech.

But that doesn't mean you can demean and belittle those different from you.

Think about it. You won't like it if people demean and belittle you just because you're different. So why are you doing it to those who are?

Try and understand them. Read up on disabilities. Try to know those homosexual people. I'm not forcing; I'm just calling out for you to just try and understand the pain we, as family members or friends, go through when some insensitive prick picks on those dear and important to us.

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