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Wednesday, January 13, 2010
Oh yus. It's the New Year. 2010. Joy.

So, I'm now in HELP University College. Lynnie is in two of my classes, Intro. to Mass Comm. and Intro. to Design. (Note to Ruz :: Intro. to Design lets us *cough*suffer*cough* feel like The One Academy students. LOL)

The two other classes I'm talking are Public Speaking (seems like a fun class; NO FINALS!--speaking of that, Intro. to Design has no finals either. WOO-HOO!) and Social & Business Communication. Lecturers are all really nice and friendly, and the students here are waaaaaay relaxed and friendly compared to most in Sunway University College (Note :: I'm only saying MOST, meaning those I've encountered. The peeps in the anime club are as relaxed and friendly as those in HELP.)

In that duration, me sister has gone off to Ipoh, which is actually good for her. I really don't want her to go to Malaysian Care, seeing as they treat her as *cough*slave*cough* an incompetent person, which she is not. So good for her. She had fun, from what she told me earlier.

...Of course, things that have to do with my sister don't always end with a happy note. What happened this time was, what my mum said (the way I'm putting it) as my "too damn cocky"-ness and that I "misheard" what she said.

Neways. Sis was in my room, playing with little Johnny-boy/Popiah-kun/the darn cute little rascal, and complaining at the same time that she didn't want to go to a bread factory visit on Saturday (I'm looking forward to it, actually). So I told her to stop complaining in my room, and go tell mum.

Sis goes "Oh, I'm complaining?", and I told her, in a bit of a sarcastic tone, that "no, you're not complaining". After which, she went "my sister is a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~" and when I turned to look at her she switched "biiiiiiiiiiiiiii~" to "piiiiiiiiiiiii~". And I believe myself to be musically-inclined enough to hear the (rather glaring) difference between that, especially since what word would go "biiiiiiiii" when one drags it out?

So, off I marched to tell mum what happened in my room. When confronted about it, sis said "I didn't say that! I said 'plish'!".

([sarcasm]...pffft. Right. Spare me the laughter. [/sarcasm])

I wanted to cool off after that, so I told her to not come into my room, and that if she wanted to play with the dog, bring him out of my room. Not so hard, now is it? She ignored what I said, and me, being rather hot-headed at the time, repeated what I told her in a tone and manner that anyone angry/annoyed would use. She didn't like it, slammed my room door, and out she went. Didn't know what she said to my mum, but mum came and told me off, which leads back to mum's comment about me being "too damn cocky" and "mishearing" her.

Repeat :: I believe myself to be more musically-inclined to be able to tell the difference between "biiiiiiii" and "piiiiiiiiii". Oh, I should add "plish", since apparently sis said that.

Oh, and a (belated) Happy New Year to you too.

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