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Wednesday, July 8, 2009
So, today I drove to university alone and went back late. I know it would cause my mum and dad to worry about me, but I had a meeting that would run late and mum's sick, so I would rather her rest than rush around to pick her wayward daughter up.

Dad reckons there was a communication problem somewhere, and adds that mum could read me like the back of her palm when I'm adamant about something. And yes, I was adamant about me driving alone, if only for mum to rest.

But I also wanted to drive alone to show mum that I'm grown up now; I can be my own driver. There's no need for her to drive me around places I'm used to going. She can step down and take a much deserved rest.

While her protectiveness is appreciated, if I wasn't allowed to drive alone in different conditions (i.e., day/night, rain/shine, etc), how was I going to improve? I had to believe in my own abilities before others can believe in mine, right?

Anyway, I got back and apologized, but... it seems to me that she didn't accept it. I know she's worried and angry at me for doing what I did, but all I wanted was for her to rest. I took longer than I should've to reach home to make sure I returned safe and sound... but she's angry. I can't say I didn't expect that, though...

Over and out.

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