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Friday, July 8, 2011
Well, this rant was long time in the making, but I decided to get it done after reading michikodesu's blog post on H!O. She (at least, I think michikodesu's a she) puts up a lot of points that most people don't think about.

Also, note that while I'm talking about H!P specifically, this applies to all sorts of idol group-fandom-shipping. Seriously.


Now, I only gotten into Morning Musume last year, after listening to Naichau Kamo, and Shouganai Yume Oibito was the one that pulled me in. Before that, I was very much a Hello! Project Kids person, ignoring everything else under that label and focusing on Berryz Koubou and C-ute.

When I first started listening to MoMusu, I did not know who was who, only knowing the mains (like Takahashi Ai and Tanaka Reina), and following the flow of all new fans and liking them coz, well, everyone likes them. What could go wrong?

Then I saw Shouganai Yume Oibito's PV and thought, 'hey, that girl is cuuuuteeee. What's her name?'. So I did some searching and looking, and found out her name was Mitsui Aika. And so I dug up the old videos of her audition into the group, watched her progress from back then, and followed her till now.

It's true she started off real shaky - her vocals weren't mind-blowing, and her dancing was mediocre at best. She did, however, improve as time went by - I personally think her singing is better than some older members, and while her dancing still isn't the best in the group, she made it so the dance is hers, if you get what I mean.

...and I must say, the pointless flaming of her is annoying. Things like "she looks like a grandmother", "she can't sing/dance", "she doesn't deserve to be in MM", makes me wonder if these people know what she'd done and sacrificed to not disappoint her fellow members; the staff; the fans she could immediately see and interact with.

I can't say I know all the details, but as michikodesu had pointed out in her own post, Mitsui had once performed - in pain as if nothing was wrong - to the point her appendix nearly exploded - and that causes death. More recently, she suffered a fracture in her ankle, but still continued to perform. How many members in an idol group can you honestly say would do that for you fans?

Yes, I'm biased towards her - I agree and I accept that, because it's true. Even so, I believe this one thing: liking an idol group means liking everyone in it, even with your own bias.

I'll be honest and say that I started out not really liking everyone in the group - I particularly disliked Kusumi Koharu, but I managed to overlook that and look at her charm, i.e. her endless energy and optimism, and I was glad I managed to do that before her graduation from the group was announced. I even thought "ah, the group won't be the same ever again". But MoMusu was a group that thrived on their generations - the fact that their member line-up wouldn't be the same all the time.

That, I noticed, is one thing I think most fans don't really want to accept. For example, much rage is still going on over Kamei Eri, Junjun, and Linlin's graduation, and even more rage will happen with Takahashi Ai's soon-to-come one. I love these girls to bits, but really. Accept the fact that they've graduated/are going to graduate, and keep an eye out for the new, unpolished diamonds in the form of new, incoming members. They might just surprise you.

Because, really. Before they are idols, they are human. They have emotions; they get tired; they'll want to rest and have a family and explore new things. Thinking, no, expecting them to be in the group and performing until they're old is...rather unrealistic. We know we're human. Whelp, newsflash guys! So are they.

Now, going back to the whole "hate on one member and loving the others" thing...

Imagine that you're in an idol group, with the same situation that Mitsui here is facing - only difference: you know and visit these forums, and you see the hate towards you full-blast. Would you be able to continue performing to the best of your abilities, knowing that no matter what you do, you'll be bashed and flamed and critiqued as though your efforts don't matter? I know I wouldn't.

I suggest you read michikodesu's post that I've linked up there, because really, all the points I want to bring up have been brought up. And again, I emphasize... liking an idol group means you like all of them, despite your bias. The internet gives you the freedom of speech, yes, but watch what you write. Someone can and will take offense to it. You don't see us flaming and critiquing your favorite member the way you do to ours, do you?

I'm going to be really antagonistic this point on. (See? I warn you guys in bold. 8D)

Now, those who think that they're better than that one member they "hate": There's a reason why they're still in that group, and that reason is why you're not in it. 8Db

By the way... the "Aika looks like a grandmother" thing?

I know of the "grandpa" one:

But really. How can someone who looks like this look like a grandmother? :

Say "Hi" to my bias. 8D
My very simple conclusion?

They're just jealous of her or her cuteness. |D 'Nuff said.

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