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Saturday, May 29, 2010
So, I've downloaded Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep recently. Having completed Terra's storyline and halfway down Ventus's, I came to some rather... confusing... realizations. XD

Note that this WILL contain spoilers. See, I'm so nice as to warn you before hand in bold, italics, and caps! For terms you don't understand, PLEASE go to the Kingdom Hearts wiki, because Imma a lazy ass who just wants to get to the point of my blog post. LAWL

And without further ado... here we...I... go!

1) When the game starts (if you don't skip the scenes, that is...), you'll find that Ventus is in his Awakening station that is soon revealed to be broken off. A voice (read: words on screen that apparently Ventus could hear but not us) is then talking to Ventus and offers to help the other by joining their hearts until Ventus no longer needs the help.

I stand by the opinion that this voice is child Sora, and I believe I'm right. More on that in a bit.

2) At the end of Ventus's storyline (after fighting Vanitas [who looks like an emo Sora, really] in a seriously epic battle), there is a scene in which he is falling in the trademark-Kingdom Hearts fall sequence, and he sees a light. On that light, he says something along the lines of remembering 'this warmth' and about how 'nostalgic' it is.

3) Also at the end of Ventus's storyline, child Sora and child Riku are seen on Destiny Islands, where suddenly child Riku notices that child Sora is upset. Child Sora tells child Riku that he feels 'very sad' suddenly "in his heart", and child Riku suggests that "someone in another world is sad". Child Riku also tells child Sora to try and talk to this someone, which child Sora does.

4) In child Sora's Awakening station, he sees a small shimmering ball of light - Ventus's lost heart, and they talk. Ventus expresses his reluctance to "go back to sleep", and asks child Sora if their hearts could join again (SEE?! POINT ONE!). Child Sora tells Ventus that if their hearts' joining would make Ventus happy, he's happy.

And therefore, from this, some questions that rose from Kingdom Hearts II could be answered.

1) Why Roxas looks like Ventus :: For the same reason why Vanitas looks like Sora - a matter of hearts. Tetsuya Nomura (the game developer) said in an interview that the reason why Vanitas looks like Sora was because Ventus's heart made contact with Sora's. As such, if Ventus's heart made contact with anyone else's heart, Vanitas would take the form of that person.

2) How both Sora and Roxas could wield the Keyblade :: It is assumed that Sora's (and subsequently, Roxas's) ability to wield the Keyblade is thanks to Ventus's heart making contact with Sora's. Additionally, Ventus's heart being in Sora's is assumed to be the reason why Sora (and Roxas) is... are... able to double-wield.

** On a somewhat unrelated note, if the reaction command from Sora vs. Roxas in Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ is done right, Sora would be the first Keyblade Master to triple-wield.

...Eh, I can't think of anything else right now, so Imma ending the post here. LAWL

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