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Monday, November 9, 2009
So, today I went with Andrew to OU to watch a movie. What movie? This Is It, the movie that features the late King of Pop, Micheal Jackson in practice for his unfortunately never kicked-off final curtain call.

As the movie progressed, I honestly felt like crying. How did a man who wrote such beautiful songs, who wanted to spread word to save the planet through his songs, who (what seems to be) is religious (he was almost always telling his crew - all of them - "God bless you"), get tangled in webs of contraversies (however that's spelt) like he did?

To be frank, I was never a huge fan of his - I'm definitely the J-Pop/J-Rock type. Even then, one of the first English songs I've heard was from him - Heal the World. And it stuck to me. I loved the lyrics, the meaning behind it, the rhythm. Granted, with my brain as infested with Japanese songs as it is, I can't remember the lyrics. But I loved it, and I still do.

Back to the movie. His crew loved him - the lighting crew, special effects crew, back-up vocalists, music crew, the back-up dancers especially. It was... to me, it was... comforting, in an odd way, to know that the people he (MJ) worked with still loved him as much as they did despite the contraversies that was hooked to him.

(Meh, them darn contraversies are likely to have came along from fame. One reason to never be famous, LOL.)

By the end of the movie, those who were like me - who went in not really knowing the man, and/or not huge hardcore fans of his - all felt the same thing... That while his (MJ's) death did not hit us hard, it took this one movie to make us realize... truly, honestly realize... that the world lost an amazing man with great talent and love for the world - a legend.

Seriously. Go watch that movie while it's still out. It'll open your eyes.

For Micheal Jackson, the King of Pop. Rest in Peace.

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