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Thursday, November 19, 2009
Yes. A quick, random update of my life.

WHAT THE HECK, MAYBANK?! DDDDDDDD< *anger mark anger mark*

Oh, the story behind the anger?

Today, when I reached uni, I went to the Maybank ATM to check my account balance. I knew I didn't go near the ATM lately, neither have I use my card, so I was so so very sure I had about RM130+ in my account.

La-ti-la-ti-da... Key in my PIN number... select balance inquiry... and WTFH?! RM9.25?! WHAT?! WHERE IS MY RM 129+?!

Wondering what have wrong, I called my mum to inform her of the weirdness. She told me to call them Maybank people and find out what was wrong, then suggested that I've perhaps took another lot of handphone top-ups or withdrew money when I knew I didn't.

Moving on. Got a MINI TRANSACTION STATEMENT. Fat load of help it did, I didn't understand the darn codes. EDC, CSH, PYM, MBW, LNK, CDM... WHUT? The only one I understood was ATM, and I think I got the idea what CDM is, but anyway. It proves my point that I no take money from ATM. My most recent transactions were take handphone credit, deposit money in, check balance. And balance was supposed to be RM130+, because I no touch!

Tried to call Maybank customer service, but I keep getting a bloody irritating recorded message of "Sorry, all our executives are (still) busy. Please hold. We will attend to you shortly".

I want my money back. D<

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