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Friday, August 28, 2009
Just some thoughts on something...

I really hate is smoking. For those who don't know, smoking is this money, tree and life-burning activity people "indulge" (I use the term VERY lightly - and sarcastically, for that matter) themselves in for various reasons. Said reasons could very well be this (or something like that)...

"Smoking is cool."

"My friends are doing it, so I should too."

"The only way for me to de-stress myself is by smoking."


Like, WTH. I mean, really. WTH.
FYI, smoking, of all things, is NOT cool. It is an act of slow suicide. Know what sort of diseases that could be caused from smoking (or, more accurately, the stuff in a stupid stick of cigarrette)? The most well known one happens to be lung cancer? Malaysians, know the icky, disgusting little picture they put on the cigarrette boxes? THAT is how your lung will look like because of smoking. So if you want your lungs (which is vital to your survival, next to your brain and heart) to look like that, go on right ahead and keep on smoking.

Compare the smoker's lung (left) and the healthy lung (right).

Not very healthy-looking, now is it?

Two, just because your friends are smoking does not mean you have to follow. If they say you have to smoke to hang out with them, ditch them. Those kind of people are not worth your health. But, again, if you want your lung to look like the disgusting little picture of the black lung on the cigarrette boxes, go right ahead.

Three, there are so many more healthier ways to de-stress yourself. Join the gym, take up a martial art, participate in an extreme sport... These options are waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than smoking. Geez.

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