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Friday, December 5, 2008
First off, dad (and mum, because dad is definitely gonna show mum this), I'm sorry, but I'm not taking this off. I know I've only dealt with her for about 14 or so years (around the time I started thinking for myself - way shorter than you two, I know), but I am honestly done with deleting all posts related to her - especially when she is just this idiotic.

I'm not apologizing for typing out something that is very obviously true. Scold me all you want, dad and mum, but I won't take this off. And I definitely won't change my opinion on this matter until she changes, and not just for an hour/a day or two.

The good thing? I finished my exams, and am waiting for results, graduation, Comic Fiesta, and possibly going down to Malacca to Sha-chwan's place before graduation. Whoo-hoo~

The bad thing? Haha, methinks it's pretty obvious, judging from the first thing I typed in this post.

My oh-so lovely five years older than me sister (sarcasm intended) who has...actually, rather legitimate reasons to act the way she does (operation on the brain as a baby, anyone?) has just proven that she sides with and listens to outsiders (this includes aunts, uncles, people from the freaking chatrooms) more than her immediate family members. AGAIN.

Man, I'm getting really sick and tired of that.

So~ what the feck (hah, I'm being nice with censoring my cursing) happened this time?

She has proven, that yet again, she has absolutely no respect for the person who gave birth to her, a.k.a her mother. On another note, same thing with instructions, rules, and people like my mum and I who deal with her on a daily basis.

I don't know the exact story this time, as I was not there during the shouting match in the car, but I can roughly deduce that this happened from what little my mum told me:

1) Mum had happily gone and buy KFC (due to my request) for dinner and soft drinks (Kickapoo; note-worthy because she doesn't like us drinking soft drinks) before picking idiotic sister up (don't maim me for calling her idiotic now - because she deserves it).

2) Upon picking idiotic sister up, idiotic sister told mum something about tuition fees increment - here, a little background story is needed: idiotic sister used to go for mandrin tuition twice a week. Now she goes once a week.

Obvious thing here is that the fees should be less now, right? So mum asked about it.

3) Idiotic sister claims that mum doesn't understand (here proving that she sides with outsiders more, since it's obvious the teacher wants more money). Therefore, mum attempts to reason with idiotic sister.

[Bad thing to do, in my opinion, with someone who doesn't fecking listen to reason.]

4) Idiotic sister (from mum's account) told mum to "not make her angry". Thus begins the shouting match.

So yes. Basically when they got home, mum recounted the main points that made her mad to me, and I have to interfere to make sure things don't get out of hand (read: make sure they don't kill each other).

I believe my exact words to mum, who told me not to interfere, was: "I would rather interfere to keep things relatively sane at home than not interfere and let you two kill each other". I'm also basically the middle person for them... for the nth number of time. And I'm trying not to break down and cry because I'm so, so, so freaking sick and tired of this.

However, my opinion is that idiotic sister has killed mum many, many, many times inside with her thoughtless comments and constant siding of and listening to outsiders.

Hah, and my parents (and people in general, really) wonder why I have no patience with her. It's because she does all this things all the freaking time that makes me act the way I do towards her.

Really, she may have legitimate reasons to act like this, but people worse off than her have - actually freaking have - respect and love for their parents and siblings, which is why their sibling(s) are so patient with them. She doesn't.

Frankly, she's lucky that we're still acknowledging her as family. Mum is right; she acts like an innocent angel in front of others, but when she's home, she shows her true self. Her true, ugly, doesn't-use-her-brain self.

Conclusion? Idiotic sister has no brain. Or rather, she has one and refuses to use it. Period.

Man, I really want that trip to Malacca now...



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