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Friday, April 1, 2011

So, yesterday (31/03/2011) at 7PM, HELP University College held their very first Pechaa Kuchaa event. According to the event page, Pechaa Kuchaa is "a presentation concept whereby presenters will only get 20 slides, 19 seconds for each slide (which makes it a total of 6 minutes 30 seconds) to present on a given topic. All 20 slides will consist of ONLY pictures, with no words allowed".

I originally didn't plan on going, but Hann Yaw was asking so nicely... HE OWES ME ONE. )< *SHOT*

It was a student vs. student and lecturer vs. lecturer affair. I originally thought it was a student vs. lecturer thing. Looking at the topics, you’d see why.

The topics given for the lecturers were:

1. Reasons why students are such a pain in the ass
2. The lies lecturers tell on the work floor
ß no one used this topic, btw!

And the ones for the students were:

1. How you should fire your lecturer
2. Reasons why lecturers can be such a pain in the ass
3. Why college sucks
4. Funny facts about lecturers

*cough* Moving on.

I reached HELP Residence at... 6.30PM, I guess. Bumped into person-who-I-bought-ticket-from in the HELP Cafe eating dinner. THE LULZ. I stuck with him for a while - bought meself an ice-blended honeydew drink and, when he was done with his dinner, went up with him.

Went to the first floor of the place, and was greeted by two really friendly people at the reception table. =3

They wanted another picture, but...


So, after getting my hand "stamped" ala registration, I went into the event hall (liek duh!). First thing I spotted (besides the pillows on the floor), was the... backdrop...?


I couldn't help it... them lights be pwetty. *w*

Since I was... on time (*le-gasp*)... I went ahead and bothered these lovely ladies for a photo and randomly snapped photos around too, trolol.

The lovely ladies 8D

Them judges for the da--I mean night and the contestants.

I will laugh if you can't spot the cosplayer. 8D

Them judges again.

I even took a random snapshot of the people behind me when the crowd was still gathering.


I can’t forget this darn speaker either. It attempted to make me deaf until I changed spots. @.@

Busy busy~


Good old Magdeline decided that she wanted to play a game with us poor audience. She asked a question regarding the event, holding a slimming yoga voucher-thingy as our prize (question was answered by a lecturer, btw). The lecturer didn’t want it, she said she had, like… “25 of them specially for” her (her own words, ladies and gents), so…

She threw it into the audience.

This dude was sitting behind me. If only I turned faster to snap his expression…

Mr. Kannan, the lecturer for the class that organized this (it’s MCH121 [PR], btw), then came up to give an opening speech.

He started in this secluded corner where no one else can see him…

…so he was pushed next to the projector screen with the podium that he wanted. >D

Following that, a dance performance came up by Faz & Usher (at least... I think that was the name). It was pretty cool, the fluidity and sharpness of their movements. I cried happy, manry tears inside, seeing an awesome dance like that.

Doing their routine~

And then… the first contestant was up! I heard someone yelling “HOUSE, MAN!”. I didn’t realize what that guy meant until I saw this contestant walk up (methinks he took it in stride – or was used to it. Imma betting on the latter).

Eugene from the IT department.

His speech was… quite logical. As in, logical logical. Sorry to say that I was bored throughout this guy’s one. ;;;; It was the same deal with the next guy, I’m sad to say. He tried to be funny, but he tried too hard, IMO. It felt… awkward. ;;;;;

Kenneth Cheong from the Business department.

Following that was Magdeline’s self-proclaimed missing sister. One of the BComm’s new lecturers was up! She was then followed by the later-announced-as-student-winner. After him, someone-who-I-cannot-remember-the-department-of-but-had-awesome-boots-that-I-liked came up.

Miss Melissa – the photos she used of herself were adorable. <3

Junior from BComm. He cried when he was announced the winner. D’aaaaaaaaaaw

Eunice Wong

We had a break after her, so a trip to the ladies and some warming up of hands after, I went back in.

The performers from the HELP music club. I can’t remember their names, so have piccus of them instead. *shot for fail memory*

After the owhsome performances, we continued on with…

Annemarie from the Psychology department.

She made me feel like she was up there bitching instead of giving a speech. She managed to make us laugh, though, so it’s good. =3b Another BComm student took the “flat-stage” (Magdeline’s words, yo) after.

Grace Wong, the passionate-about-studies-one.

Then, surprise of all surprises! A lecturer took us students’ side. Miss Rachel Chan from UEL came up next, and her most memorable line…

“…he was molested…” LOLWHUT.

She quickly amended by saying that she wanted to say “he was accused of molesting”, but the damage was already done, aye? XD

Two students from the Psychology department took the floor after. They were…

Kenneth Tan, and…

Ku Zhen Wei.

Following them was another BComm lecturer. I managed to get an epic pose shot for him. 8DDDD

Mr. Azmir. His examples and comments… xDDDDD

After that was a short break with another dance performance by F4C. Was quite break-dance-y. It was awesome (I seem to say that a lot, huh? Too bad, coz tis’ true!).


We were nearing the end at this point. There were only two more people from both sides left. They went in this order…

Tan Pei Jian (aka Xajin from CF) from BComm

Dr. Anasuya from the Psychology dept. – she was easily the funniest one xD

Prateek from BComm (he gave really interesting ways to fire your lecturer *wiggles eyebrows*), and…

Mr. C.K from BComm.

Loads of laughter were about at this point, but someone just had to add more laughs into the scene. Meet the magician-who-is-actually-more-of-a-comedian…


Lastly came the prize giving~

For I r lazy betch. :’D All them prize giving photos are here. Other photos that are not here are in there, too.

Then there was group photos of owhsome. Seriously. An event is not complete without group photos. )<

The participants.

The organizing team.

Ah! I forgot! There was a goody bag!

See? Imma not lying.

Mag found it funny that this was in the goody bag. She demanded a photo. 8d

Just before I left, I remembered Ross’s hair was a huge, poofy afro. So I demanded a photo… AND HE GAVE ME ONE. *woots about*


All in all, it was an awesome night. I really enjoyed myself. =3 Lets’ hope this won’t be the last Pechaa Kuchaa – it’s too much fun to pass up.

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