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Sunday, March 6, 2011
This is for my Vocaloid chorus group, VocaFiesta.

To you, who joined me voluntarily in this all-Malaysian chorus group from Comic Fiesta's forum.
To you, who knew absolutely nothing about what you're getting into, how I am, what my skills are like, etc (though, really, it was quite mutual).
To you, who were with the group through what we have gone through so far - from Skype chats and calls, to personal PMs.

I, as your leader, vow:

1) To never reject your song suggestions, unless we truly and honestly cannot do it (You can reserve right to revisit these suggestions at a later date, though).

2) To never cancel and/or postpone any projects we are working on, unless I have a good, solid, valid reason.

3) To never arrange or agree to a group meetup if I know there is a high possibility I cannot make it.

4) To never threaten any of you in any way (unless it's jokingly. And we all know by now we do this. A lot).

5) To listen to your requests and/or problems with anything or any member of the group, and deal with it reasonably.

6) To be reasonable with your requests for deadline extension, and whatever else that comes up.

7) To never put you down (again, unless it's jokingly. We all do this. A lot).

8) To do my best and become a leader you can all count on.

9) To listen when you bring up personal problems, and do my best in advising, encouraging, and/or just plain listening (I may not have a lot of life experiences, but I'll do my best).

10) To be your friend.

And of course, (probably) most importantly... to never let this group die. Not if I can help it.

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