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Thursday, September 2, 2010
After letting this sit for like... months, and I decide to update it. LUL

Off the top of my head, the first thing that comes to mind is that my third semester at HELP has started. I know half of my lecturers for my subjects (seeing as I had them before), so I wouldn't have too much trouble asking questions and stuff. I nearly didn't wake up on time for class, but lucky me: today's class was at 10AM. I woke up at 7.11AM, when I should've been up by 6.30AM. I reached campus at 7.45AM. LOLOLOLOL

Tomorrow I'll be meeting up with Ming Han for lunch and Imma steal borrow his Persona 4 game (speaking of which, I didn't finish playing Persona 3: FES yet...). On that note, I need to get my PS2 back from my cousins. *hiss*

I've finished playing Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep quite a while ago, but Imma replaying it in hopes of filling up the journal completely. It's hard, but I WILL DO EEET! *shot* Speaking of that, the English voice-actors for the American release of this game suuuuuck. The only ones that were okay/bearable were them Disney characters, Ventus and Vanitas. ORZ

(Random fact: I absolutely loooooooove Aqua, but her English VA made me cry. It was just that bad.)

Several weeks ago, I meet up with my fried rice of a best friend and we meet up with Howe and Henry at McD. Where Henry failed to throw a french fry at me. And then we went to a nearby CC and played Unreal Tournament, in which my favourite line was "WEAPONZ! WHERE ARE ME WEAPONZ?!" (Ruz kept laughing when I said that).

Sometime last month, my family and I went down to Ipoh to watch my sister in her Special Olympics Bocce competition, in which she won a gold in the individual category, and fourth in the doubles/team event. I'm still of the opinion that that event is best played in an indoor stadium. Grass be evil.

Also, I have an odd obsession with Persona and Fatal Frame lately. Well... not so much Fatal Frame now. XD

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