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Tuesday, May 11, 2010
I just downloaded Left 4 Dead 2's newest and most recent campaign called The Passing recently. It was an epic fun play, and the old and new Survivor's interaction with each other (more specifically, Nick bashing, lol!) was pretty darn amusing.

I won't bother trying to not spoil it for those who didn't play it yet, just because I cannot not spoil it. LOL It's impossible for me to write the review that way. XP

Note that I played this solo on Normal, and that I'm still pretty much a newb with first-person shooters.

*ahem* And here we go.

The Passing
The loading screen for the passing is the usual Left 4 Dead loading screen - a campaign specific poster with a tagline that is (more often than not) witty. The tagline for this campaign though, is rather straight-to-the-point, saying Nobody Survives Forever. Those who played/watched people play through it/looked at game play videos will understand what I mean - we'll get back to this point later on.

Stare at the pretty poster, I demand it!

The Riverbank
The moment the campaign loads, and depending on the randomized computer codes or whatever, Zoey or Francis from the original Left 4 Dead will greet the new Survivors, saying that if they couldn't lower the bridge, but if they (the new Survivors) could get over to the other side, they can fill up a generator with gas required to lower said bridge. Louis (Left 4 Dead) will never show up to talk to the new Survivors since he's injured, and Bill... well... we'll get back to that.

It's very bloody likely for you to get attacked by a Tank as soon as you leave the first building. I played through it twice on Normal - the first time I got attacked by a Tank the moment I left the building, and the second time it was a little distance away. To top it up, there are that'll attract the alarmed cars that will attract The Horde when you shoot it by accident, so have fun there.

After you get through there, you'll encounter a park, where a wedding had supposedly taken place. Here, in the middle of a platform you have to pass, a Witch will spawn near it, or right in the middle of the path you need to go through. You'll note that the Witch has a new model that has her in a wedding gown. Also, there are things to be noted here (one I realized on my own, the other taken from the Left 4 Dead wiki.

1) Startling or cr0wning the Witch bride will case a panic event to occur - The Horde will come at you relentlessly for a while.

2) Starting the wedding music in the presence of the Witch bride will agitate her much faster than normal and from a further distance. She will attack the Survivor that started the music if not attacked by anyone else between the time the music starts to the time she is startled.

Have fun here too. After that, it's relative smooth-sailing to the safe room, which is pretty nearby.

The Underground
I have to admit that I was stuck here for a while - all thanks to my handy subs that keep alerting me to a Tank and a Witch's presence. Pretty darn scary to go against both at the same time, so yah (read: I used cheats and went into god-mode for a while, then I turned it off after the Tank was dealt with - the AIs went nuts and startled the Witch!).

Like the chapter title says, you go underground, down a hole ("It's a hole! Oh, excuse me, a historic hole. " - Nick) and oh-so sarcastic Nick has more to say about being underground ("I am breathing shit air into my lungs, it is being absorbed into my bloodstream. I am literally full of shit.").

In this chapter, there is a Gauntlet Crescendo event. You have to open some darn gates that will trigger some alarms and cause hordes to come at you - not forgetting to mention the darn Special Infected. After that, it's - again - relative smooth-sailing to the safe room.

The Port
Here's the finale of the campaign. The moment you get out of the safe room, you;ll meet up and talk with the Left 4 Dead Survivors - sans Bill. You'll see why in a moment. From there, you'll have to take an elevator down and, much like the Dead Center campaign's finale, you need to collect gas for the elevator - 16 cans of gas (my first reaction was bloody hell).

Luckily for you, whether you're playing solo or not, Zoey, Francis and Louis will cover for you when you lure Special Infected to the bridge, where they're stationed. They'll also toss items to you when you need it.

The moment the elevator-of-sorts touches ground, you'll have to make a mad dash for all the gas cans - in a nearby generator room, Bill's body can be seen - it is assumed he sacrificed himself to get the other Left 4 Dead Survivors to safety, hence the tagline for this campaign.

Truth be told, since I pretty much suck, I died the first two rounds before I decided to forgo the rules and turn on god-mode until I got the last gas can. This chapter is pretty much straight-forward. As soon as you filled the generator with all 16 gas cans, wait for the bridge to lower and dash for the car from Dead Center's campaign.

Note: If you're the type to collect all gas cans and gather it all near the generator, watch out! Whenever a Boomer spawns nearby, the Zoey, Francis or Louis will shoot it immediately. As per Boomer configuration, it'll explode... and send your gas cans flying. Have fun with that *sarcasm*.


And there we go! My spoiler-filled review. LOL I really liked the campaign - while with less chapters compared to the other campaigns, felt like a regular campaign. The Fallen Survivor and the never-emptying chest-like-thing were interesting additions. Download it, play it, and have fun with it!

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