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Thursday, March 4, 2010
For those who don't read dear Deanna's blog (which is actually dead right now, thanks to the OTHER blogs she has for her course, with four new e-mail addresses), we are a duo of song dubbing called HWEE!, or Hyper Weird Enigmatic Epicness. Most of what we did are here in her YT channel, so go ahead and listen to some! =3

I'm pretty sure she posted some up on her blog too. XD

Moving on...

Today, Lynnie got her first try at the Left 4 Dead game, thanks to me who brought me lappie to uni today. She freaks out waaaay too easily, but it's actually rather amusing. XD (Sorry girl, but it's true!)

Oh, and I quite like my hair straight. Unfortunately, mum thinks otherwise, in a rather biased opinion based on how her colleague looks like with her hair straight. Not fair, I say. >':

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