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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oh yus. Who that be I wonders~?

Ah who am I kidding. The THE EPIC QUEEN OF KAWAII-NESS, as I call her, be the one and only NANA/DEANNA/WHATEVER-ELSE-YOU-WANNA-CALL-HER!!!

Now why does Rixie/Reina/Ame-chan/whatever-else-you-wanna-call-me say that about NANA? It's simple.

NANA be having an super duper highly epic kawaii voice when singing~~~!
If you didn't guess yet, I be major fan of her voice right now. She be me queeeeeen~ *shot*

Etto... unlike her relatively long blog post about her "maggie mee loving hyper button", this post about her being the THE EPIC QUEEN OF KAWAII-NESS is short. Because there be nothing else. ROFL *shot*



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