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Saturday, April 25, 2009
Okay, so I have been karaoking. LOL Thank God (so far) most, if not all, of my college/uni mates DON'T have my YouTube account link. If not, I'd die. LOL

I love singing J-pop and dancing to them (especially if they're nice dances from the groups I follow), and while I dance to them no problem (last year's Comic Fiesta was proof enough), I don't really know if I could sing them.

Soooo~ I was thinking of joining DaiCon's (MMU Cyberjaya campus, 11th July) karaoke competition. I don't know if I could... or should, for that matter. My main motivation is to see how well I can do against others who sing J-pop as well as the prize (LOL who wouldn't be motivated when it's cash prize?). But I honestly don't know. I deserve to be shot for that. XD *shot*

If I don't have anything clashing on the event (exams, etc), I would just join in for the sake of fun. Since it's a two-song competition thing, my first song would be a 2-minute version of Berryz's Koi no Jubaku and, should I get into the finals, the second song is going to be Buono!'s MY BOY.

Mmmm... yea. I should stop procrastinating my assignments. LOL *gets boot to the head*

I be going back to slaving on my assignments now. XD

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