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Monday, December 22, 2008
Day One

Woke up at around 5AM because I had to mess around with my hair to get Yuna (FFX-2)'s hairstyle with a can of hairspray and my hands as weapons (LOL). Went out of the house at around 7.15AM, reached Sunway Pyramid around 7.55AM or so, then ran off to the convention center.

I swear, I was surprised when I saw gemz there that early. Then I found out she was volunteer. LOL and in the department I'm helper of too. Liek, wao. XD So, Raincloud briefed the volunteers what to do while I ran off to change into my costume (I swear, a whole bunch of people took my photo, but I don't see them XD), since I already knew what to do.

Because we were hungry, we ran off to McD to get breakfast (LOL gemzie, of all things you have in the morning, coke?!), then we ran back up with breakfast. By this time it was almost 9-ish. We quickly finished off the food and...

Then I had to help gemzie style her wig. SHINY HANDS WHOO~ (since her wig had to be colour-spray-painted). Then Creamy needed help with her wig too. And gemzie and I retreated back to our booth. LOL It was funny. What the ek? XP The cosplay department's other volunteer (whom gemzie and I dubbed as 'our little girl') helped me countless times with Yuna's songstress arm warmers (and we, meaning gemzie and I, had a little debate over whether or not it should be called arm warmers on the second day). <3

Baphy was helper too, but with the artist booth department. Sumomo and Reika were there with their Neko-tales booth (nyuu, sorry I didn't buy any manga from you guys TT_TT btw, Reika was hawt cross-playing 8Db). Sha-chwan got poked. A lot. XD

The event started then, and this was the first time I got my picture taken so many times while cosplaying, lolwhut. Crazy crowds! There were more people than last year, methinks. XD whoooooo~~

And so, with a lot of craziness, randomness and whatevernots in between, at the end of day one... I... lost my phone and stuff. TT_TT It was crazy! Sumomo, Cherry Tiger and Aiko, thanks for helping me out! TT_TT Cherry, especially. ZOMG ILU PEEPS <3

Day Two

Woke up at 6AM this time round. Basically the same routine as day one before the event started. Then it was a lot of frantic cosplay registration. @w@;;; wooooooooow... there were, liek, 54 cosplayers in the competition. I pity the judges.

Also, I was in the 12PM-1PM performance slot, along with a few others. Here, I give to you the linkies of the dances we performed. 8Db I was in the first (Renai Rider) and last (Tokaikko Junjou) dances. And... I WANTS BETTER QUALITY VIDS. TT_TT ah well, can't be helped. XD

First of, presenting Renai Rider!

Then we have the Tell Me dance. I'm not in this one, lol.

And after that, we have Creamy's group, Go My Way. X3 they were so cute. Unfortunately it's not the full one. D:

Lastly, Tokaikko Junjou. LOL We had a bit of last minute changes, but it turned out just fine. 8Db (Hear the fangirls SCREAM when Kamal did this)

And then, it was food with Kamal, along with some others including Dei-dei, Mittseh, Conman, and a few others I don't know the name of. XD Then we rushed back up, and I proceeded to run around some more.

Upon spotting Sha-chwan, I took a break. LOL "Uh, I think your stick is in danger"... XDDDDDD Sha-chwan... the things you say are always so funny. XP LAWL~

And that is basically me report on CF, since I was always running around. XP I definitely missed some other performances, but, well~~ XDDDDDD




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