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Sunday, October 12, 2008
Me was tagged by Krixie, so yah, kora!

Name : I actually put my name on my first post, so NICKNAMES here Ame-chan/chwan, Ames, Reina, Rixie, Rixena, reina-sugar, and recently, (courtesy of Lizzie) Turkey A, kora!

Sisters : One, kora!

Brothers : None, kora! Unless you count pet brothers, that would be Krixie, kora!

Shoe size : 6/7/8, depending on shoe cutting, kora!

Height : Methinks it's more than 150cm but less than 160cm, kora.

Where do you live : In a country, kora. In a state, kora. In a house/apartment unit/condominium unit, kora. In a nice, cozy room, kora!

Favourite drinks : Teh ais, kora! <3 and fruit juices, kora. Oh, and SMOOTHIES, KORA!

Favourite breakfast : NASI LEMAK, KORA! Or noodles, kora. XP

Have you ever been on a plane? : Like duh, kora. Swam in the ocean : Not too deep out, kora.

Fallen asleep at school : When I'm sick, kora. XD

Broken someone's heart : Probably yes, kora.

Fell off your chair : Only during secondary/high school, kora!

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : Um... yes, kora. *shifty eyes, kora*

What is your room like : Neat one minute, messy the next, kora.

What's right beside you : Handphone, computer mouse, and laptop charger, kora.

What is the last thing you ate : KFC, kora!

Ever had chicken pox : Yes, kora. XD

Sore throat : ...you're joking, right? YES, KORA!

Stitches : None, kora.

Broken nose : Broken nose, no, kora. Broken bones, no, kora.

FRACTURES, now that's a yes, kora! XD

Do you believe in love at first sight : Not really, no, kora.

Like picnics? : Never been on one, so no, kora.

Who was the last person you danced with : Either with Kamal for CF08 performance, or with Ruzzy on DDR, kora!

Last person made you smile : I dunno, kora. XP

You last yelled at : Um... the dog, kora!

Today did you kissed anyone : Does my mum count? <3


Miss someone : ...yes, kora. *shifty eyes, kora*

Eat : Now? Nothing, kora!

Best feeling in the world : Feeling like a burden was lifted off your shoulders, kora!

Do you sleep with stuffed animals : LOL SURPRISE, SURPRISE, KORA! YES, KORA!

What's under your bed : A lot of random stuff, kora.

Who do you really hate : Right now, it's more of a thing, kora. *shakes fist, kora* CURSE YOU HTML ON BLOGGER, KORA!

What time : 9:03PM, kora!

5 things I was doing 10 years ago :
7 years old in standard 2, kora...hmm, kora...
# Going to organ class, kora
# Starting to hate maths, kora
# Going to school, kora
# DRAW, KORA! TTwTT I miss drawing, kora...
# Play around, kora

5 things on my to-do list today :
At 9:05PM, kora?
# Finish this tag, kora
# Check the role-play forums, kora
# Check MORE forums, kora
# Watch Shugo Chara, kora
# Sleep, kora ...amongst others, kora!

5 snacks I enjoy :
# Junk food, kora
# Mentos, kora
# Bubble gum, kora! (I don't care if it's not a snack, kora!)
# French fries, kora

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire :
# Get a house in Desa Park City, kora
# Get a car, kora!
# Save, save, SAVE, kora!
# Um... get into a sewing class, kora
# Donate some to charity, kora

5 of my bad habits : #
'Assaulting' Krixie, kora!
# Poking people, kora
# Running around even when I'm injured, kora
# Reminding Krixie that sleeping in class is bad, kora
# Being childish sometimes, kora!

5 places I have lived/stayed a night in :
# Um... my room, kora
# Cousin's/aunt's/uncle's house, kora
# Ipoh, kora
# Penang, kora
# Places out of Malaysia, kora!

5 things I will do after completing what I'm busy with :
# Go online, kora
# Read some fanfiction, kora
# Go on youtube, kora
# Check/read manga updates, kora
# Complain that I'm bored, kora!

I tag :
...too lazy to tag, kora!

[Note: Tag was done yesterday, kora!]



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