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Wednesday, October 22, 2008
What? I'm bored. *shotshotshot*

Anyways, some random facts about me that people probably know or don't know about me... there'll probably be more. XP No, it's not a tag.

Here we go~~
1) I love cosplaying, but I absolutely hate getting my pictures taken. Do you know how weird is that, since cosplaying is all about taking pictures/getting pictures taken...
2) Dance and song are part of my passion. Can't help it. I love singing, and I adore dancing. Nyahaha~
3) I really want to try and be a seiyuu/voice actor. It'd be so much fun, bringing voices to characters and stuff...
4) I know nothing about make up. XD Surprising? Maybe not to those who know me. ROFL
5) I speed-read. Seriously. A 1000+ pages book? I can finish in half a day... or less, if there are no disturbances.
6) Ming Han's driving is scary. LOL nothing to do with me, but he drove me home today after Malaysian Studies exam, and well... "OHMIGOSH MING HAN THERE'S A CAR OVER THERE!!!!!!!!!111!!!!"
7) I love poking people! Ask Kamal. I poked him A LOT today. >D
8) I'm a psycho studying psycho. XD self-explanatory.
9) The last time I drew a complete drawing was the Chinese New Year holidays. TTwTT and that was a loooooong time ago...
10) I am sorely amused by the fact that Kamal has fangirls. XD he does. Really. Right after he debuted as a cosplayer too. Wow. XD
11) Songs get stuck in my head easily. Right now, it's Shugo Chara! DOKI's opening song. UGH. Still, it's better than 'I'm too sexy for my shirt'...
12) Julia is my 'mummy'. XD she became my 'mummy' since I started calling her "MUMMY!" for no reason at the zoo last Saturday.
13) I get hyper a lot. For no reason. Self-explanatory. XP
14) My room...is forever in a mess. And nothing will change it. *shakes fists* NOTHING, I SAY! *killed*
15) I have a tendency to run to arcades in malls. What? XP
16) When in a relationship (not that I'm in one now), there are two sentences I really like hearing. Obviously, one is "I love you". *shot for being mushy* The other is "I'll never leave you". *shot for mushy again*
17) I have a lot of favourite quotes. Some of said quotes are from anime too. XP the most recent quote I like is 「噛み殺す」or "I'll bite you to death". XD
18) I tend to be a hypocrite. ROFL aren't we all?
19) I has g!@nt kun@! 0f D00M! XP remember this one, Ruz? It's a kunai plushie, actually... but I call it the giant kunai of doom. Nyahaha~~
20) I have a sudden urge to buy a lot of necklaces, rings, and earrings. O___O I know, weird.

XDDD And there you have it, kora! Some random facts about me, kora!



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