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Saturday, September 6, 2008
XD yes indeed. Random spam.

I was talking with NANA and then she was all:

NANA: We should make a song for our RP charies.
Rixie: LOL Okay!
Rixie: ...it's to the Cloud Song rhythm, right?
NANA: LOL yea.

(BTW, the Cloud song. XD

So yea. Here it is... the random spam. XD

Yes, my Role-Play character's name is Kairi. >D

My name is Kairi
I have two daggers
I have no family
So I'm independent
My elements are
Fire and Wind
And as a plus;
my daggers change elements!
And when I fight
You be afraid!
Because my speed
Is way up there~~
And I will eat
A lot of maggie-mee
So when I'm hungry
I can still go 'whee'!
Because I am Kairi
I look over the village of Hissori~
And I have way too many traps
in this huge mansion I live in!
If I can't find you
then it's just fine
Because my friend Jote
will surely do~
And I will fight
That Decorum
because I think he's drunk
on a bottle of rum!



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