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Tuesday, August 5, 2008
Yes~ Imma alive! *shotshotshotshotshot*

Okay, I've been pretty busy~ what with my second semester starting (and with that, major assignments, minor assignments, quizes, tests and the like comes with OTL), my driving lessons (I got my P license! I can drive around now WHOOOO! No, I didn't crash anything) and someone on my mind right now (shush, you people who know what I mean XP).

Well, Taylor's Anime Fest was, as I keep saying and some fellow friends agree on, was EPIC PHAIL. I mean really. Major stressure. Even randomly popping up on stage with Suza-ness and Ice-cream (that I have nothing to link her to D:) to dance the ever popular (and extremely overdone) Hare Hare Yukai didn't help save it.

For whoever's interested to see. Imma the one doing Haruhi's (a.k.a the center) part

That said, I sang two songs for the event. My voice kept cracking, so it was MAJOR EPIC PHAIL. Usually I can't reach the extremely high notes, but this time round, I reached the high notes but not the notes I usually reach. Like WTF?! *jumps off building* I lost my voice after that and fell sick soon after. Damnit.

What else are there...? I've been given a whole bunch of new nicknames based off my Gendou and Timotei forums' nickname, Rixena (which is actually an Organization XIII/Kingdom Hearts 2 styled name for Reina, part of my Comic Fiesta nickname, reina-sugar).


Like, lolwhut?

And... major assignments coming up. Whooooooo~ *jumps off building again* Sheesh, there goes my gaming time. Not that I had any in my first semester, but still.

Oh, and dad? I need a new microphone. Again. Maybe we should get one that isn't too cheap this time round, since sometimes I scream into the microphone when recording my singing. That's why I don't have any new recordings up on my putfile. Huh.

My cosplay plans... are unfortunately, put on hold. I think I'll still go on with my Rutee (Tales of Destiny) cosplay, since it's relatively easy (I can just mix and match stuff that can be bought, no biggie). But my next year cosplay plans are most likely going down the drain.

Maybe cosplay should be a every 2 years once thing. That way I won't spend as much money. Damnit, I need to learn how to sew. XD Ahahaha like that will ever happen! XD Imma such a lazy person.

That's basically it nyo~ yes I know my life's boring XD

Well ja~


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