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Thursday, August 28, 2008


Let's see... what's going on now... Yes, yes... One thing I must say...

I SURPRISINGLY DO NOT HAVE THE LOWEST MARKS FOR HISTORY! <33333 Lucky! I hope it continues that way~~

There's an anime convention - ACGC (Anime Comic Games Circle) on the 27th and 28th of September in... Mid Valley? Don't really remember...lol I gotta bug Reno-san about it again. XD

And... yes, yes...

Comic Fiesta 2008 at Sunway Pyramid Convention Center, 20th and 21st December. I'm not sure if I'll cosplay (most likely no LOL). A group of people and I will be doing C-ute's Tokaikko Junjou if all goes well (we haven't even met up for practice yet wtf). And ZOMGWTFBBQ band performance. Not sure which day yet though. And WTF IMMA MAIN VOCALIST! *jumps off building*

*gets a boot to the head*

LOL outz~



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