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Saturday, June 21, 2008
Tagged by Suza-ness:

1. Name one person who always text you ??
Hmm... currently? Eng Seng. XD

2. Do you think some people are born stupid ??
Depends... some I would say yes, some I would say no. Nyaha *shot*

3. Name one negative thing about you ??
I'm an indecisive person. 8D Deal with it.

4. What were you doing the past 30 minutes ??
Recording a song. 8D Cinderella\Complex, whoever's interested in listening *shot for self-advertising*

5. What kind of dance would you like to learn if you have the chance ??
XD I always learn my dances from PVs, so Imma happy.

6. Have you ever tried gymnastics ??
Nope. But I can cartwheel and do side-splits. XD

7. What was the last thing you bought today ??
I didn't go out. >=3 nyaha.

8. Do you talk a lot ??
HMMMM... No clue. 8D

9. Do you believe that love is blind ??
Have always been a non-believer, will always be a non-believer. 8D

10. How was your day yesterday ??
Boring. XD

11. What was the last ice-cream flavor you had ??
Vanilla~ I love vanilla. 8D

12. How do people describe you as ??
Crazy, weird, random, always bored, etc...

13. Are you content with your life ??
I'm happy with it, if that's what you're asking. XD

14. Do people think you're crazy ??
Heck YES! >=3

15. Do you consider yourself smart ??
A complete blurcase, yes, but I think I'm pretty smart. THINK.

16. What color do you hate ??
Oh, this is easy... PINK. D< Hate this color... *shudders*

17. What are the reasons of you living ??
Um... because I'm not dead? XD No, seriously. But, I suppose it's because I want to experience new things~

18. Name one of your close friend.
Ruzhafir~ I call him nasi goreng kampung. XD

19. Who is the first person in your phonebook ??
Haha... a college mate. Man, I seem to know a lot of 'Aaron's...

20. Do you believe love at the first sight will be forever ??
Imma a major non-believer. BOHAHAHA *shot*

21. Tag 5 friends of your:

Okay, tag from Suza-ness aside... *shakes fists* CURSE YOU, SUZANNE! D:

...I didn't post anything in here in a looooooong time... I nearly forgotten I had a blog. O_o;;;

I deserve to be shot. *is shot multiple times with a machine gun orz*

Now what... hmm...

Nothing much going on in my life... except I'm on holiday from college (SEM 1's GONE WHOOOO), I'm learning how to drive, am obsessed with yet ANOTHER Hello! Project song, is being lazy, have a taekwondo competition coming up on the 5th and 6th of July... hmmm...

Nope, nothing much. 8D


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