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Wednesday, May 28, 2008
OTL AMELIA HAS A BLOG! .___________________________. *stare*

Okai, so a bit of background info on me...

Imma a girl (like duh, from the name .___.), have a two-digit age, humble abode in Malaysia, cosplays, an anime and game fanatic, does song covers of Japanese songs, enjoys dancing, has a black belt in taekwondo, was a cheerleader, draws a bit now and then (curse you college! DX< *shakes fists*) and... is a easily bored and easily amused person. Yes, Imma in college. So sue me. Oh, and if I could (read: have time to do so), I type/write poems and/or stories, but right now... nope, no time at all.


*gets a boot to the head orz*

Well~ to leave something that people might or might not enjoy (shameless self-advertistment, hah!), I leave boot to the head a random recording that I did just recently that methinks was epic fail. 8D


I hope your ears don't bleed Enjoy~~

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