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Thursday, May 29, 2008
Today's the last day of classes for semester one for those of us in the ICPU program. So guess what I did?

I went crazy with my digicam and handphone cam when when my digicam ran out of battery. Muahahahahahahaha fear the shutter-happy person! So first up, my first class; INDIVIDUALS AND FAMILIES IN A DIVERSE SOCIETY read: social science *shot*

From left: Francesca, Tia and Shiori...
showing off their awesome T-Shirts LOL

Michelle~ I guess she was bored XD

From left: Ee Von and Alia. They were doing Accounts
in a Social Science class, hence the calculator XD

Our teacher/lecturer, Mr. Kenneth.
He makes a cute nerd. Srsly. XD

Francesca with her awesome T-Shirt

Period 2's group photo!
Not all of us in here though...
If you spot me I hail you 8D

Francesca's a fun person to take a photo of 8D

Top: Francesca
Bottom, from left: Tia and Shiori
LOL How random can we get?

From left: Michelle, Rebecca (who refused to look at
the camera DX), Sally and Jessica.
Notice the fact that Sally's playing a Nintendo DS
while the others are studying. LOL


After that was World Issues of which I forgotten the whole name... There aren't that many photos here... we were all talking and messing around with cameras revising.

I wonder if he knows how 'off' this looks...

Mr. K, our teacher/lecturer for this course...
Hard at work? 8D

Shiori messes with Salman's camera
I couldn't resist.

Shantini... such a good girl....
She studies. XD

Salman... again.
OTL Blur photo

Again with the blur photo.
I wonder what Zoe was doing
with that... wrapping paper?

World Issues period 3 group photo!
Mind you, we actually have more than this
in class...
From left: Shi Kan (methinks his name's spelt this way), Zoe,
Shiori, Mr. K, me (at back), Joanne,
Elizabeth and Shantini

And after that was Computer and Information Science class (read: Java programming)~~

Me and Mr. Chai, the teacher/lecturer

Me no remember their names, but
WTF~ I talk to them 8D *shot*

LOL this was cute, so me took photo

I totally forgotten to turn the flash off
in this photo... I'm not
THAT fair...

These dudes are practically the clowns of period
4 Com.Science class.
I don't really remember their names though...
*shot for bad memory*

We also opened a CPU to look at
the inside and stuff...

Last but not least, ENGLISH a.k.a the one with the most pictures *shot*!

From left: Pri, Rebecca and Zoe
It was a random shot. 8D

I honestly have no clue why Zoe's
pointing at that poster that
was done in World Issues, but...
meh. LOL

Zoe and Darren...
Attack of the blurry photos ahhh!

Beverly and Mikki
Attack of the blurry photos 2 OTL!

From left: Soroush, Mok and Timothy
Methinks they're looking at the camera
Soroush's holding, but~

From left: me, Ying Sin and Becky

Becky and Ni Juin
Aren't they pretty? 8D

Soroush and I were random...
as in, VERY random.

From left: Ni Juin, me, Ying Sin and Pri~
(me no dare spell her full name orz)

Zoe and me
LOL Zoe is so much prettier.

You can see Pri in the background!
Ni Juin and Zoe~


If Imma not mi
From left: Darren, Chee Weng and Alex
Looking at Alex's camera LOL

From left: Ni Juin, Mr. K, Zoe and Pri

Ying Sin LOL

LOL he looks so blur XD

Chee Weng~
He looks funny here XD


From left: Mikki, me, Beverly
You can see Alex in the background! XD

From left: Kah Kin, Darren, Becky
and Chee Weng
The best buddies LOL

From left: Chee Weng, Darren, Mr. K, Kah Kin
(who should have stood in front... he's SHORT!),
Becky a
nd Zoe~

...that was a lot of pictures... *shock* I didn't realize it... I was having too much fun! 8D *gets a boot to the head orz*

And that basically wraps up what we I did today.

Using pictures to blog is fuuuuuuun!

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